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Metal Spinning Services

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Metal spinning is an extremely versatile method that can be used to create a huge variety of products and components. Similar to how a potter can mould and shape clay into a broad range of objects, our experienced metal spinners can create a vast range of spun metal products. 

Our experienced Metal Spinning Craftsmen have the capabilities to an overall spinning capacity up to an 1150mm diameter. Our CNC Automatic Spinning Machine has the capability to spin from up to 800mm Dia and 5mm thick steel and 4mm thick stainless steel.

The possibilities for spun metal products are virtually limitless. From small simple components to large and complex projects our skilled tradesmen can take your drawings and designs and deliver a beautifully engineered precision product. We will also deliver your finished product to a low tolerance level with a consistent quality level.

Examples of spun products would include cones that are created for the food industry, plastic injection moulding or components for agricultural equipment, air conditioning equipment, light shades and fittings, barware and plumbing accessories. We work with a range of metals including exotic metals like brass, copper and zinc.


Metal Fabrication Services


Our team of skilled metal fabrication tradesman can create a diverse range of products using a variety of metals including aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and exotic metals such as brass, copper and zinc. We can assist with metal welding, folding, bending and polishing.  

Our broad range of skills enables us to create table bases & frames; chairs, stools, banquette seating, waiters’ stations, gantries, bar frames & tops, lighting and many other customised items using a variation of metals to suit our clients’ specifications and requirements.  

Our experience offers a range of finishes for your end product including special antique metal finishes. We can take your ideas and designs and turn them into reality. 


Timber Machining


Our team of skilled Joiners and Timber Machinists can create a variation of products with our 3-axis and 5-axis routers.  

We can create banquette seating, chair shells, chair frames and legs, panelling, timber tops to suit tables, stools & benches, waiters’ stations and many other customised items using a variation of timber species to suit our clients’ specifications and requirements.