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At Contempo & Co. we have a standard commercial product range or we can provide you with custom designed and manufactured furniture, joinery and lighting.






To celebrate 15 years in the business of Contempo Furniture, we are proud to re-launch our company branding in 2019 with our new name “Contempo & Co”.


We are proud to offer Australian made manufacturing services to include Metal Spinning, Metal Fabrication, Timber Machining, French Polishing and Upholstery.

We have invested in machinery so we can offer a diversified range of products to include a CNC Automatic Spinning Machine, CNC Tube Bender and CNC Timber Machining.

Determined to meet the needs of our customers, we offer great flexibility with design changes. Our ability to offer excellent lead-times, our insistence on using top-quality raw materials and our decades of expertise gives us a unique position in the commercial market.


Our Services


Latest Project: Franca, Potts Point